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"I do love knitting patterns"~Albus Dumbledore HBP

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Harry Potter knitting and crochet.
POTTAH! Scarf-y Goodness


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We are a friendly bunch here, not too many rules and there has only been one deleted post. If anything is ever of question, you can email us at hp.knitting@gmail.com or at my personal journal _gin.

Potter Knitting Links

Lauren Kent has been an enabler of epic proportions. Includes FREE patterns for both the SS/CoS and PoA style scarves, including help with fringe, washing, and color choice. She also has loads of other patterns for sale, throw a few galleons her way!
Original Scarves
Prisoner of Azkaban Scarves
Hermione's Hat (aka Hatmione)
Hermione's mittens
Quidditch socks

When you get ready to start the scarf, you'll need yarn. djinnj has done an excellent comparison of colors availible at Knitpicks. Check out her post here.

Weasley Sweater Pattern
Alison,(at the Blue Blog) the Queen of all knit-alongs, created this pattern she claims would be a "great first sweater project". It is sized from 20" chest (toddler) up to 46".

HiP Scarf and Silkie
Alison, see-above, also brings us this quick, hip (haha) little knit to show off your house colors. Now you can wear your Azkaban scarf as a light and fun skinny neck scarf, a sassy sash belt, or an almost serious school tie.

BookScarf from KnittingWithLaura
Need a quick gift or want to weight down your 6th read of Half-Blood Prince while you're knitting? Check out this little PoA style bookmark, made in DMC Perle Cotton.

House mittens
Ruth (at Woolyheaded) created these trapped-bar style mittens to match the PoA Scarves.

House-Elf Socks
Dani created these socks like the ones Dobby knit for Harry, fit women's medium.

Weasley Cell Phone Cozy
Natasha (at Gritty Knits) created this cell phone cozy that looks like a Weasley Sweater!

Dark Mark Bag
This is a pattern by Lindsey that includes our favorite flesh burning tattoo!

Easily Potterized Knits

mini-sweater ornament
This is a little ornament sized sweater that could easily be made into a Weasley Sweater.

London Beanie A close-fitting beanie just begging to be done in house colors a la PoA!

Dobby Hat A hat just like Dobby wears!

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